Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Painting Journal: Tiny Shiny Kitties

Candycat, Starbum, and Mossmulch

Micro Negora!  An adorable kaiju kitty from Konatsu and Mark Nagata.  He's lit the sofubi world on fire, and never stays in stock long.  Fortunantly I was able to get three unpainted Micro negora the last time they were available from Max Toy Co (he also comes in Mini and King sizes).

I had a horrible time photographing them.  A combination of shaky hands, bad lighting, and the the fact that shimmery Monster Kolor Pearl is notoriously hard to capture in pictures.

Candycat is has a gradient of eye-popping Vividtone pink, orange and yellow, with yellow-gold metallic highlights, and Pink Pearl.  The pink pearl is really subtle, but it enhances the depth of the finish.  I usually like to use a contrasting pearl color, but this time, I wanted the bright base colors to be the star.

Starbumb received a black base coat with Bell Gold highlights, and teal and purple spots.  Finished with purple and teal pearl.  Influenced by one of my Mom's favorite artists, Laurel Burch, and her wildly-colored cat paintings.

Mossmulch got a base coat of my favorite Green Tea Metallic with Clover Metallic, and Rocket Red metallic highlights.  Green and teal pearl gives him an amazing shimmer.  Green and red are one of my favorite schemes, it makes me sad when color combinations get relegated to a holiday ghetto.

I went back and hand-painted each face and eyes for extra definition.

Apart from my lousy photography, I'm really happy with how they turned out.

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