Friday, December 28, 2012

Painting Journal: Vassal Kabuto

I'll slather the appropriate praise of Matt Doughty and his Glyos toyline eventually (spoiler: there will be lots of slathering), it's one of the things that got me back into painting in a big way.  For now though, enjoy this custom Glyos toy, with a custom resin head from Marty 'The God Beast" Hanson.

Vassal Kabuto is composed of parts from the Glyos Traveler and Buildman toys, with bits of an axis joint accessory pack, and then the resin head to top it all off.  The paint job is a fairly simple one: a basecoat of Monster Kolor Gold, then layers of Monster Kolor C-Thru Chocolate.  I faded the chocolate coat on the limbs and horn, I like how that turned out.  Then a generous amount of MK Blue Pearl for an iridescent bug look.

To give the eyes some extra visual impact, I painted them MK metallic blue, and added a large amount of MK Color-change flakes.  The color change flakes create a rainbow holographic effect, and are notoriously hard to capture in pictures.

While I'm satisfied with how this turned out, I should have given the basic build more articulation, and maybe some more gold highlights to bring out the sculpted detail.

One last shot, trying to capture the sparkley eyes.

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