Monday, January 28, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Co Mini Captain Max

One last Max Toy glow-in-the-dark figure.  Captain Max is the superhero mascot of Max Toy co, presented in mini form, he's tiny and cute.  Almost micro size at under 3" (the boundaries of the definition are vague and flexible) with plenty of detailing on his costume.

I decided to use some masking to create negative space on his eyes and ears.  I often completely fail at masking, either not masking enough, and overspraying, or peeling the paint below when I pull the mask off, or letting the mask slip while I paint.  I managed to avoid all those here, probably because the masks were simple, and the piece is very small.

Monster Kolor C-thru at bat once again, and not disappointing.  Violet, Bad-apple red, orange, and yellow for the fade from the center out.  No pearls or special effects paints, just gloss coat to finish.  I figured the glow and colors were vibrant enough.  He glows like a little champ, and I'm happy with the finished product.  No mini captain max minis available at the moment, but full-size figures are in Mark's store!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Co Mini Dragigus

Here's Drazorus glow-in-the-dark twin, Dragigus.  Baragon with a lobster tail?  That'll do!  Another fine Max Toy Co design, from Mark Nagata.  I went in intending to do a swampy green and purple scheme.  It didn't really come out that way; I'm especially disappointed with how the green stripe on his back just stops at his neck.  It's not one of my better efforts, that.  I think I didn't want the green overspraying the purple and darkening too much.

I probably should have left off the pink, and definitely the yellow.  Swap the pink for a different shade of purple, and he's back to being a swamp creature.  Dump the yellow, and he no longer looks like holiday candy.  A bright lime green would have worked better, but I don't have one of those in a clear paint.  There's a rant on public perceptions of certain color combinations in there somewhere, but I'll spare you.

Monster Kolor C-Thru does the heavy lifting again, and a coat of white pearl metallic gives him a fantastic glazed pottery look.  The sheen is nice an visible in the group shot below, hanging with more of the Max Toy Mini family.  If you want on of your own, there's a brilliantly painted Mt. Kubo variant available in the Max Toy Co store.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Co Mini Drazorus

Max Toy Co Mini Kaiju Drazorus

Max Toy Co, brainchild of Mark Nagata, was my first introduction into the world of real Japanese Kaiju figures, his mini figures will always have a special place in my heart, and they're always a joy to paint.

Above is one of my favorites, Drazorus, part of an unpainted glow-in-the-dark pair (with his buddy Dragius) offered a year or two ago. They don't show up nearly often enough for liking, I want more!

Drazorus is another fascinating sculpt, with lots of spikes and armor plates.  I am incapable of completely painting over a glow in the dark figure, which meant deploying the Monster Kolor C-thru!

A little C-thru paints go a long way, and it can be very easy to overdo it, which is my way.  I think I was able to pull back enough to give him a nice amount of color, without going overboard.

The spikes, claws, and armor made me think 'lobster monster' and I ran with that, with some magma colors for a fiery effect.  He's finished with Monster Kolor White Pearl for a little of sparkle, and ultragloss coat.  The result is one of my favorite schemes, and he lives in my permanent Max Toy Co collection.

If you want your own Drazorus, there's a really cool painted variant in the Max Toy store right now!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thank you!

The Orbitdyne store is sold out!  Thank you so much to the buyers.  Your purchase helps me continue doing something I truly love, and the thought that these pieces will be enjoyed by others is still a little breathtaking, and helps me get through some winter doldrums.

Huge thanks also go out to Mark Nagata and Luke Rook for making awesome toys to paint. And Matt Walker for making the best paint ever.

More soon, and thank you again!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crazy Special: Starlight Mint for $25

Because I'm paranoid, and bad at programming, I'm putting my custom Grody Ojisan Starlight mint up for sale for the INSANE price of $25 shipped.  That's CRAZY!  The base toy cost me $18!  Then add the time planning and painting, the premium Monster Kolor paint, and shipping, I'M PRACTICALLY GIVING HIM AWAY!  You would be crazy not to BUY NOW.

Contact with any questions or problems.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tiny Shiny Kitties: For Sale!

The Shop link is live !  The three Micro Negora detailed in Tiny Shiny Kitties are up for sale, $35 each, shipping included.  Each one is lovingly painted with Monster Kolor paints, pearls, and clearcoat. Buy one, buy two, buy them all!


Send me an email at with any problems or questions!