Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Painting Journal: Grody Root Beer Barrel

Grody Shogun from LuluBell Toy Bodega hit a sweet spot of cheap, grotesque, and cute.  Luke Rook is the mastermind behind them, and they've become a darling of the Sofubi world.

I jumped one the last run of clear figures. I thought doing candy colors would be keen, and when the box arrived, there was a handful of candy tossed in! Including a classic root beer barrel! Neat coincidence!

But running with that idea produced mixed results.

My own Root Beer Barrel is at the bottom of the curve.  In person, it's a deep caramel color, translucent (Monster Kolor C-Thru Chocolate! Indispensable!), rich, and glittery.

... But in pictures it looks exactly like a polished turd.  You can see my feeble efforts to show the translucency with a flashlight.  It didn't work.

Painted sparingly inside and outside with silver MK as a base, then layered up with chocolate, gold, and last year's MK holiday special Snowblind pearl (a mix of gold, silver, and blue, very nifty).

Learning experience: When a figure already looks like Eddy Munster after a terrible butane accident, don't paint it brown.

Stay tuned for two more Candy Grodii.

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