Thursday, December 20, 2012

Painting Journal: Grody Rock Candy

Say hello to Grody Rock Candy!  I love this angular, rocky sculpt (though I don't know what it's called, CCM?), and since it looks like a rock candy lump come to life, I ran with that idea.

In contrast to yesterday's "It looks better in person! Really!" here we have one that does look nice in pictures, but that I'm still not satisfied with.

Painted inside and outside with a light coat of Monster Kolor Silver (Silver has become my all-purpose primer, it's great), and some white touches to vary the finish.  Then I blended C-thru colors, and a coat of white pearl, glosscoated, and done!

I really like the way the internal/external and silver and white base coats vary the finish.  I also like the way the pearl and base silver give the figure depth, and enhance the reflective surfaces.

So technically, no faults here, and it looks pretty, BUT I didn't do anything to the face but add some silver to the eyes, and there isn't much contrast in my paintjob.  Because of this, I think it's lacking in personality.  Maybe I'll go back and repaint the eyes.

Stop in tomorrow for the last of the Grody Candy trio!

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