Thursday, May 1, 2014

Painting Journal: Max Toy Kaiju Dualos

That picture above? I should have stopped there.  Just painted the eyes, and called it good. But no. Increasingly poor decisions follow:

This was a 2011 Mega Glitter Kaiju Dualos from Max Toy Co.  It started life looking like this one:

Nifty, but I really wanted the detail on this awesome sculpt to stand out, and glitter plastic isn't known for doing that.  A rub seemed ideal to bring out the sculpt, while still showing some nifty glitter.

Deciding I wanted him to look like a well-loved vintage toy, I set to work.

Instead of my usual Monster Kolor base coat, I went with a rattle-can of black Krylon.  The spray-paint doesn't come off as easily, and would add another layer to the rub that I would have to work through to get to the glitter.

After covering with the spray paint, I set to work with the Monster Kolor.  Standard Red blended with Brown and Green from the then-just-released military set got the colors I wanted.

The turpentine rub worked nicely, with the Monster Kolor coming off easily on the raised areas, and more effort needed to get the Krylon gone.  The result is a nice contrast to the layers, with the glitter as the chewy-nougat center.

But then I wrecked it, apply waaaaay too much Monster Kolor dullcoat.  Which turned the dullcoat into a glosscoat.

I tried several different clear matte finishes to try and take away the sheen, but I'vew never gotten back to the finish in the picture at the top.  It remains on my shelf, mocking me with it's almost-but-not-quite-ness.  (I'm tempted to strip it completely and start over, but I really do like the paint job, I just didn't stick the landing.)