Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Little Hedorah

My creative output has fallen off a cliff.   I've been painting some Y-MSF micro-Hedorah to try and jumpstart things.  

The 3D printer has been awesome, but I haven't produced anything I want to show off just yet.  Thanks for reading. More soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

No love for Swamp Gas?

Swamp Gas Groot hasn't sold, so I closed the store for now.  But he will return as King Groot!

Honestly kinda baffled he didn't sell with the other two.  It's a spiffy paint job, and I didn't think the price was outrageous.  But I don't know such stuff!  I just paint toys!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Bye Jungle!

Jungle Groot on it's way to a new home!  Don't leave Swamp Gas Groot hanging!

Bye Groovy!

Groovy sold instantly!  Thank you very much!  He will ship out Monday.  Swamp Gas and Jungle are still available!  And look awesome!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Groots on Sale!

I'll be putting my three custom Groots up for sale in the Shop, this coming Friday at 12:00PM Pacific time.  Each one will include the original box, tag, and card.  Shipping is free in the US, $20 international.

Groovy Groot will be $200, due to the amount of paint, and the re-sculpted mouth.  Swamp Gas Groot and Jungle Groot will be $100 each.  Each is one of a kind, and pretty nifty.

Painting Journal: Groovy Groot

I've been wanting to do a tie-dye styled design for a while, and Groot seemed like a good candidate!

There is one slight complaint I have about the Hikari Groot sculpt: It's blank expression.  I wanted a smiling Groot!  So I took a hobby knife, and some epoxy putty, and gave Groot a grin :-)

With my now-smiling groot, I set to work with Monster Kolor solids, trying to replicate a tie-dye spiral.  It was a challenge selecting colors that would contrast (and clash!) just right, without looking too out of place.  I may have overdone it with the red.

There are around a dozen colors in swirls, no metallics, since the bold colors would be contrast enough.  I finished the eyes with Jack Kirby-style space bubbles (lava-lamps?) he ended up looking like the wildest dish of Rainbow Sherbet ever.

I'm out of Hikari Groot figures to paint, but not out of ideas, and I'll probably buy a few more in the future.

Funko was kind enough to pick this one up on it's Instagram, where it's gotten a little attention!

Here's Groovy and the whole gang:

Painting Journal: Swamp Gas Groot

I gushed all over the Funko Hikari Groot toy in my last post.  Sufficed to say, after one, I was jazzed to paint more.

I was reserved with the metallics on Jungle Groot, this time, I cut loose!  Again inspired by Kenner's Swamp thing toys, I wanted a heavy contrast between colors and surfaces.  Monster Kolor blues and magenta came through again, pricinding a glowing, otherworldly look.

Copper eyes, pink pearl, and high-gloss clear-coat complete the piece, and there's some cool chiaroscuro effects depending on your viewing angle.