Friday, December 21, 2012

Painting Journal: Grody Starlight Mint

Of the clear vinyl Grody Shogun trio I painted, this is the one that I am most satisfied with.

This is the scheme I had in mind when I ordered a set of clear figures.  Although I waffled trying to decide on traditional red peppermint stripes, or green spearmint.  Settled on red, and Monster Kolor C-thru Bad Apple.

Focusing the design on the big noggin was key.  The lines are shaky (it's cold in the workshop!), but that compliments the rough design.

White paint over a silver base, with lots of white pearl and of course the stripes and clearcoat.  I made an effort to keep some translucency.  Shines just like a sugary confection should.

He's gotten a nice reception, and now I want to do that spearmint version!

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