Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Co Mini Drazorus

Max Toy Co Mini Kaiju Drazorus

Max Toy Co, brainchild of Mark Nagata, was my first introduction into the world of real Japanese Kaiju figures, his mini figures will always have a special place in my heart, and they're always a joy to paint.

Above is one of my favorites, Drazorus, part of an unpainted glow-in-the-dark pair (with his buddy Dragius) offered a year or two ago. They don't show up nearly often enough for liking, I want more!

Drazorus is another fascinating sculpt, with lots of spikes and armor plates.  I am incapable of completely painting over a glow in the dark figure, which meant deploying the Monster Kolor C-thru!

A little C-thru paints go a long way, and it can be very easy to overdo it, which is my way.  I think I was able to pull back enough to give him a nice amount of color, without going overboard.

The spikes, claws, and armor made me think 'lobster monster' and I ran with that, with some magma colors for a fiery effect.  He's finished with Monster Kolor White Pearl for a little of sparkle, and ultragloss coat.  The result is one of my favorite schemes, and he lives in my permanent Max Toy Co collection.

If you want your own Drazorus, there's a really cool painted variant in the Max Toy store right now!

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