Friday, January 25, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Co Mini Dragigus

Here's Drazorus glow-in-the-dark twin, Dragigus.  Baragon with a lobster tail?  That'll do!  Another fine Max Toy Co design, from Mark Nagata.  I went in intending to do a swampy green and purple scheme.  It didn't really come out that way; I'm especially disappointed with how the green stripe on his back just stops at his neck.  It's not one of my better efforts, that.  I think I didn't want the green overspraying the purple and darkening too much.

I probably should have left off the pink, and definitely the yellow.  Swap the pink for a different shade of purple, and he's back to being a swamp creature.  Dump the yellow, and he no longer looks like holiday candy.  A bright lime green would have worked better, but I don't have one of those in a clear paint.  There's a rant on public perceptions of certain color combinations in there somewhere, but I'll spare you.

Monster Kolor C-Thru does the heavy lifting again, and a coat of white pearl metallic gives him a fantastic glazed pottery look.  The sheen is nice an visible in the group shot below, hanging with more of the Max Toy Mini family.  If you want on of your own, there's a brilliantly painted Mt. Kubo variant available in the Max Toy Co store.

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