Monday, June 29, 2015

Painting Journal: Groovy Groot

I've been wanting to do a tie-dye styled design for a while, and Groot seemed like a good candidate!

There is one slight complaint I have about the Hikari Groot sculpt: It's blank expression.  I wanted a smiling Groot!  So I took a hobby knife, and some epoxy putty, and gave Groot a grin :-)

With my now-smiling groot, I set to work with Monster Kolor solids, trying to replicate a tie-dye spiral.  It was a challenge selecting colors that would contrast (and clash!) just right, without looking too out of place.  I may have overdone it with the red.

There are around a dozen colors in swirls, no metallics, since the bold colors would be contrast enough.  I finished the eyes with Jack Kirby-style space bubbles (lava-lamps?) he ended up looking like the wildest dish of Rainbow Sherbet ever.

I'm out of Hikari Groot figures to paint, but not out of ideas, and I'll probably buy a few more in the future.

Funko was kind enough to pick this one up on it's Instagram, where it's gotten a little attention!

Here's Groovy and the whole gang:

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