Thursday, March 14, 2013

Painting Journal: Lord Bozyk

Lord Bozyk, and Jeweltone Crayboth sidekick
Behold!  Dictator of Space: Lord Bozyk (named after a secret sandwich at my favorite place to eat.) You saw the WIP picture in this post.  But here's the finished item!

This guy was a commission in trade for some hard-to-get Glyos figures.  The head is from a pewter miniature, the hands were stolen from an action figure.  I did some sculpting to make the pieces fit the body, and painted it with my favorite Monster Kolor Metallic - Green Tea.  He also features a bunch of special MK pearls, Vividtone. and Color Change flakes to top it off.  After the ultragloss clear set, I highlighted the details with some flat acrylic wash.

Unfortunately for the recipient, I came down with the flu in between the start and end of this project, but fortunately for me, he was incredibly patient.  I added the Jeweltone crayboth (from an earlier custom project) as a bonus.  The recipient is a prolific Glyos customizer as well, check out his shop here: Thanks to Eric as well for the pictures!

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