Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting Journal: Glyos Main Brain

I haven't written nearly enough about Glyos. The brainchild of Matt Doughty and family, a man who created his own toy company from scratch, in his attic, and then shared it with the world.  Matt developed Lego-like joints that can be popped apart and reassembled, and each figure can be dismantled, and combined with a growing number of toys that use the Glyos Joint System.  Customization is highly encouraged.

One frequent Glyos collaborator is Marty Hansen, owner and mastermind of TGB Toys, and resin casting guru.  Seen above is a Glyos figure, with a head sculpted by Matt, and cast by Marty.  There's just a bit of pearl and glosscoat on the head, then a wash to bring up the contrast. It's incredibly beautiful translucent resin, with almost no mold lines.  Also the sculpt reminds me of The Brain from Planet Arous.  Another terror from childhood.

The figure itself is built-up from a variety of Glyos parts, in the Bulker-Suit configuration.  The paint is, as always, Monster Kolor, Sublimed Green metallic over an olive green base.  The arm was clear plastic, painted with MK C-thru colors.  It's all finished with MK ultragloss clearcoat, and a bit of gold pearl.  Then I darkened the panel lines with olive green acrylic, and did a bit of wash on the head to bring up the contrast.

One of the niftier things about a Glyos and Monster Kolor combination, is that even after customization, they  can still be posed and fussed with.

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