Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Banimon Custom Corps: works in progress

An in-progress shot of the sculpts that made production.. Two different scowly banigoth faces, One with a picklhaube spike, not yet attached.  The one on the left will be in the CC, with his spike.  The hat on the far left is a Ushanka, that most iconic of Siberian headgear. The fuzzy britches on the right will as well, to keep your little dudes all warm and cozy.

The scowl in the center didn't make the cut, neither did the bald guy on the right.  I gave him a bandanna, but ended up looking more like a big bandage.  Maybe next round?  All additional parts (the gray bits), were sculpted with Procreate epoxy putty.  Watch the Banimon Blog and Spaced-Out Design for more sneaks!

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