Thursday, May 9, 2013

Painting Journal: Max Toy Monster Boogie Poodra

Poodra is one of five new micro kaiju figures Mark Nagata launched last year, under the new Monster Boogie banner.  Large for micros they're around 3" tall.  Poodra is a hefty little chunk of vinyl.

I took me a long time to warm to the sculpt.  Just something about it wasn't clicking.  It took me a couple test schemes before I settled on 'Happy Fun' Poodra here.  My paintjob still lacked personality until I started on the pupils in his eyes.  That finally sold the crazy mutant puppy for me.

Unusual too is that I avoided metallic and special effects paints.  He's just covered in bright, bold monster color, and given a basic satin acrylic varnish.

The scheme is based on vague recollections of McDonald-Land commercials, and other 70's vestiges that slouched into my childhood, and seared themselves on my brain.

Take Poodra home, won't you? Thank you!
How can you resist a face like this?*

*(Stray cat hairs, and weird artifacting on his left eye, not included)
Update: SOLD!

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