Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eyezon 5th Anniversary show At Double Punch!

Mark Nagata was kind enough to include me his 5th Anniversary Eyezon Show at the Double Punch gallery, November 3rd!  I'm honored to be a part of the show with such distinguished artists, and I hope my additions do everyone's favorite mutant potato kaiju justice!

I went all out and added LED's to a big clear Eyezon, and sculpted a galactic suit of armor for Neo Eyezon!

Meet GigaGuts, and Galaxy Captain Eyzono (and a sneaky micro eyezon)!

With the lights out, GigaGuts really shines!

In-hand, from Mark's Twitter.

Each figure is painted with genuine Monster Kolor paint and clear coat.  GigaGuts has a removable back panel to swap batteries on his lights.  I had originally tried to engineer a switch on his front, but that ended in blood and tears (literally, I accidentally stabbed an awl into my hand trying to fix the switch after it broke).

Galaxy Capitan Eyezono was much less painful.  I modified his arms with Glyos axis joints, and sculpted a galactic-themed suit of armor for his space adventures.  I also ended up removing his main horns, and replacing them with more eyes, since I had covered several with the armor.

Thank you again to Mark for five years of a great kaiju creation!

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